Old Man and Tree

Welcome to my author website. Funny as it seems to me now, writing used to be like wringing blood from a stone. At some point, I think it was my junior year in college, I started to enjoy writing. That was forty-plus years ago. Hard to believe too that I actually liked watching sentences spew forth from my Olympia manual typewriter!

Although I love reading fiction and recently took a college course in fiction writing, I’m strictly a nonfiction writer.

In addition to my books featured here, my writing has appeared in diverse publication outlets, including the Hartford Courant, Nevada Magazine, Geographical Review, Mark Twain Journal, Literary Traveler, and Historical Archaeology, among others.

WVCBayou Built Photo 51n2ewbklhl-_sx345_bo1204203200_Lost CC Book Cover


FYI, all royalties from the sale of Lake Tahoe’s Rustic Architecture go directly to the Tahoe Rim Trail Association.